WSPA delivering care to thousands of animals in devastated Central Visayas

27. November 2013
By | Source: WSPA - Animals in Disasters Blog

WSPA’s Drs. Naritsorn Pholperm and Daniel Ventura have returned from Northern Cebu and Bantayan Island after helping thousands of animals by administering life-saving veterinary care in some of the areas that were hit hardest by Typhoon Haiyan over two weeks ago. WSPA’s Dr. Nartisorn Pholperm treats a cow in Northern Cebu Island. November 23, 2013 Over four days, the team working with 23 dedicated local volunteer vets. They assessed over 13,000 animals and treated over 2000! Diarrhoea and tick infestations have been the most common conditions our vets have managed. Both can prove fatal if left untreated – ongoing diarrhoea…

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