Wild & Weird: The Hellbender Rock Anthem and Music Video

10. Dezember 2013
By | Source: Earth First! Newswire

by the Center for Biological Diversityhellbender-salamander

Hellbender salamanders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) are not the cuddliest of species, with their slimy bodies that look like the 2-foot-long lovechild of phlegm and a rock. Actually these critters — also called “devil dogs” and “snot otters” — are pretty much a PR nightmare for anyone trying to fight off their extinction due to water pollution and dams. The rallying cry “Save the Snot Otter” doesn’t always go over well.

Happily for the hellbender, a band from St. Louis is now doing this salamander justice through song. They may yet make a rock ‘n’ roll legend out of North America’s largest amphibian.

We think there are few things more rockin’ than raising a little hellbender.



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