Whooooosh !

23. Oktober 2013
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

My favourite dolphin in the whole population – Kesslet – still makes my jaw drop now and again. Yesterday was incredible as she came rocketing in towards the shore of the Kessock Channel SO close that I was wondering whether she would get stuck on the gravel but no – she went haring off after the fish that she was chasing towards the Kessock Bridge (where Scoopy and Charlie were larking around) at such a speed that I could hardly focus on her…

 photo Kesslet_zpsaf6afb21.jpg

What a girl you are Kesslet !

I am nipping away for a weeks holiday now over to the west coast – the first break that I have had this season. I’ll let you know if I see anything exciting when I get back.

Best Wishes,