Watch out for FBI Trainer Vahid Brown


from Committee Against Political Repression

Vahid Brown was or is an FBI instructor at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, who has recently been attempting to integrate himself into radical and activist scenes in Portland. As an instructor for the CTC’s FBI counter-terrorism training program, he designed curricula on Islamist terrorism and taught regular courses both at the FBI Academy and for Joint Terrorism Task Force training events at FBI Field Offices throughout the United States.

According to FOIA records obtained by the ACLU, it is clear that Vahid was training new FBI recruits for the CTC from 2008-2010. His classes included: Origins of Islam, Islam and Militancy, Modern Jihadist Groups, Islamic Terrorism and the Internet, How Terror Networks Use the Internet, and Radicalization.

Vahid Brown attended Reed College in Portland from 2003 – 2006, and recently has been attempting to re-integrate himself into radical and activist scenes in Portland. He portrays himself as “an activist and woodland creature who has been reading poetry at Portland coffeehouses, ballrooms, and basement bars for nearly twenty years.”

Vahid Brown works for the FBI, and as such should be thoroughly unwelcome among anarchists, radicals, and activists. Though his area of expertise is Islamic militancy rather than anarchism, he is still a threat and should not be tolerated, just like any other FBI employee, agent, informant, infiltrator, or cop who attempts to become friendly with radicals.

An agent of the state who has the same subcultural interests as you is still an agent of the state.

An agent of the state who calls himself an activist is still an agent of the state.

An agent of the state who works to destroy the lives of people who aren’t necessarily anarchists is still an agent of the state.


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