Victory! China Southern Airlines Stops Shipping Primates

from the Bunny Alliance


We have received official word that China Southern Airlines, the last commercial airline willing to transport primates out of China for vivisection laboratories, has conceded to the demands of activists and stopped shipping primates! The Bunny Alliance–along with other Gateway to Hell activists, PETA, PETA Asia-Pacific, Empty Cages Los Angeles, Last Chance for Animals, Anonymous, and many other activists around the world–pressured China Southern with demonstrations at offices and airport terminals, phone and email actions, office invasions, and the constant reminder that activists everywhere were not going to back down until the airline stopped facilitating the torture of primates. Members of The Bunny Alliance launched the Los Angeles area branch of the China Southern campaign with ECLA, and The Bunny Alliance has been excited to be a part of the broad network of activists that made this victory possible.

While we are happy that China Southern Airlines finally decided to make the ethical and intelligent decision to stop transporting primates to laboratories, we cannot forget that countless animals–not only primates, but bunnies, mice, dogs, pigs, cats, and many others–are still imprisoned in labs and subjected to daily tortures. We must continue to work tirelessly and in alliance with each other for the liberation of all animals, and take this victory as a reminder that we have the power to bring the corporations that profit off of the exploitation of animals to their knees.

Air France, with the support of its partner Delta Air Lines, is now the last remaining major commercial airline that transports primates to laboratories. Let’s show them what it means to fight for the lives and liberation of animals and make them stop.

Join our campaign against Delta Air Lines and the broader Gateway to Hell effort against Air France.

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