UPDATE: No Arrests After Climate Activists Crash Omega Morgan Meeting

Climate Activists in Omega Morgan's lobby

Climate Activists in Omega Morgan’s lobby

from Earth First! Newswire

All protestors are free after being contained inside the Omega Morgan office by a line of police. See below for a first-hand account:

“The cops were stunned as we proceeded to implement consensus process after they asked us to leave. One cop delivered our letter and press release to the CEO.After about ten minutes of process, the Hillsboro chief of police got impatient and insisted that we leave immediately.

“On our way out, we saw a line of cop cars starting at the door and leading all the way to the end of the parking lot. I counted 19 cop cars. Someone else counted 27 cop cars.


Police preparing to “protect everyone equally.”

“We exited the building without any confrontation with police, but they were trying hard to confront us on our way out of the parking lot and harassing people who were trying to communicate with others about where to move cars off the ‘private’ parking lot.

“There were about thirty of us. Seems pretty likely we were outnumbered by cops.

“The cops were yammering on about how they protect everyone equally and at some points expressed openly that they didn’t know what the company does or what tar sands are. We took turns educating them and asking them to protect the Umatilla from Omega Morgan’s trespass.”

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