Update: Drama at the Umatilla Megaload Blockade, One Activist Arrested


from Earth First! Newswire

this just in from our correspondent on site:

“Some random asshole who is probably an Omega Morgan employee just walked up to the crowd demanding to know if we drove here.

I demanded to know if he breathes air and drinks water. Trip Jennings with Portland Rising Tide said through the megaphone, ‘we all drove here, and if we stopped driving today they would still be mining for tar sands.’ He said this as the man pushed through the crowd, saying ‘fuck you; to people trying to stop him (Mike Gaskill, another Rising Tide member stood in front of him asking him to calm down).

Kayla Godowa of the Warm Springs was waving a sage stick, and as he was leaving, he slapped it out of her hand. I demanded to know who he worked for and he left. When he walked close by me, I saw lines on his face like he’d just been crying.

The cops made no attempt to intervene.”


The police have destroyed Leonard’s device, and he has been placed under arrest in a Sheriff’s vehicle. The other blockader is still locked to an axel.

In the meantime, protestors have deployed lights that read “Stop Megaloads” while a projector positions a skull and cross bones on the front of the truck with the word “poison” underneath. Another slide projection states “climate kills.”


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