“The Issues Are Not The Issue” Debate Featured on The Ex-Worker Podcast

19. September 2013
By | Source: Earth First! Newswire

Issue are not cover

Cover of pamphlet which sparked the debate featured in the latest CrimethInc. poscast [click here to hear it for yourself]

from Earth First! Newswire

Last month, an editor from the Earth First! Journal participated in a debate with an insurrectionist from the Piedmont region of North Carolina hashing out movement strategy and analysis in a crowded radical bookstore.

The debate was featured in the latest episode of The Ex-Worker, a podcast project of CrimethInc.  Listen to the full show, which includes lots of other great content, here.  The following text is from the website The Ex-Worker website:

Building on our previous exploration of insurrectionary anarchism, our tenth episode examines how these ideas apply to environmental struggles today, as we share excerpts from a debate about “The Issues Are Not The Issue,” a critical discussion of tactics and strategy in eco-defense movements. We also take a look at Desert, an anarchist analysis of climate change and the possibilities for resistance in a world of ecological disaster, as well as sharing updates from prisoners, news from global uprisings, reading recommendations, and more. {September 19, 2013} 

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