Support Marie Mason During Today’s March Against Monsanto


October 12 is the international March Against Monsanto.

Many people are angered by the actions of the multinational biotech corporation Monsanto. But few of them know that Marie Mason is doing almost twenty-two years in prison for destroying Monsanto-funded research, an action she took after going to India and learning firsthand about the devastation wrought upon farmers by Monsanto’s GMO seeds.

We’re asking Marie’s supporters to attend the March Against Monsanto events, and encourage anti-Monsanto activists to join the Move Marie campaign: a flyer you can use is available here.

Participating cities across the globe are listed on the march’s webpage.

The outreach we did in the spring was well-received: print some flyers out and get more people involved in the campaign to Move Marie!

"Joining Myrtle and Socks in a Daydream" by Marie Mason (2011)

“Joining Myrtle and Socks in a Daydream” by Marie Mason (2011)

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