Snitch Alert: Jennifer Kolar in Seattle


from Seattle Free Press

Jen Kolar was one of the super-snitches of the green scare cases, for years she saved evidence against old friends, lovers, and comrades in order to have something to trade should she ever be caught for the arsons she participated in. Why? Because Jen had become wealthy, abandoned her politics, and joined a yacht club. In exchange for her cooperation she received a reduced sentence and was sent to a low security prison where she was allowed to work with dogs.

Now she is out of prison, and earlier today a friend of mine spotted this card hung at a vegan restaurant in Seattle. Her new profession isn’t what most concerns me- it is that she is actively attempting to recruit new customers from a vegan, animal rights oriented clientele.

So, Seattle activists beware. This is a woman who sent her closest former friend into the hands of the police state with a smile. When confronted by an activist about her decision to snitch, she laughed and said, “What are [radicals] going to do about it? Kick me off their e-mail lists?” I say that we at least guarantee that she is ostracized, that her name and image are known, and that she gets no comfort from our community.

I always close these alerts with the following important warning. JEN KOLAR IS A GOVERNMENT WITNESS. While she should not be allowed into our spaces, meetings, etc, no one should ever touch or threaten her. Threatening a government witness carries up to a 10 year prison sentence.