Sacred White Moose Killed by Big Game Hunters


from msn

A rare white moose has been killed in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, angering conservationists and the Mi’kmaq First Nation, who hold white animals as being sacred. First Nations hunters say they had known about the white moose for years but had refused to kill it. “We are not to harm them in any way, shape, or form because they could be one of our ancestors coming to remind us of something significant that’s going to happen within our communities.” Mi’kmaq hunter Danny Paul told the CBC.

Pictures of the kill were posted on the Facebook page of Nova Scotia’s Hnatiuk’s Hunting & Fishing on Oct. 4, and commenters were furious. Once they realized the significance of the white moose, the staffers at the hunt shop have reportedly been very apologetic and respectful, conserving the moose’s hide for the First Nations. The white moose hide will be specially prepared for a ceremony “to bring a peaceful closure and honor the Spirit of the Sacred Moose,” Chief Bob Gloade of the Millbrook First Nation wrote to the hunt shop. The next step, he said, is educating people so this doesn’t happen again. [Source]

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