Protesters Vow to Continue Forest Fight Despite Threat of Spot Fines

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Tasmanian forest protesters insist they will not be deterred by the Liberal Party’s plans to fine and jail activists who disrupt work places.

The Liberals have today announced $10,000r on-the-spot fines for protesters, and three month jail terms for repeat offenders.

The election policy is designed to crack down on forest protesters.

Leader Will Hodgman says there will also be fines for corporations which incite or encourage the behaviour.

“So under the Liberals I’ll be very clear, there’ll be no get out of jail free card,” Mr Hodgman said. but will also see fines for corporations which incite or encourage the behaviour.

Former Australian Greens Leader and forest protest veteran, Bob Brown, has been labelled the move “Putin-like.”

Mr Brown says the laws would be a huge step backwards.

“His announcement today of draconian and Putin-like penalties is damaging to Tasmania’s reputation,” he said.

Jenny Weber from the Huon Valley Environment Centre says her group is not worried.

“I think Will Hodgman has misjudged the commitment of the people who stand up for Tasmania’s forest protection,” she said.

“He has also misjudged the commitment that we have to continuing to stand up.

“Nothing will change out there in the forests as long as there is the ongoing destruction of Tasmania’s unique native forest and the endangered species habitat.”

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