Pipe Bombs Found in RV Parked at Calif. Power Plant

by Earth First! NewsRV-parked-by-Moss-Landing-Power-Plant-searched-Pipe-bombs-gun-found-Monterey-News-KSBW-Home 2014-02-18 09-19-04

Monterey County Sherriff’s deputies reported on Monday that they found five pipe bombs hidden in an RV parked near a power plant in Moss Landing, Calif. Police arrested the man who was in the vehicle at the time.

Following a major sabotage attack at the PG&E Metcalf Transmission substation south of San Jose, Calif., in April of 2013, security around power plants has intensified.

The Monterey sheriff’s patrol noticed that the license plate on the RV belonged to another vehicle.

The Moss Landing Power Plant is 45 mile south of the PG&E facility. In a statement to local media, the sheriff’s office stated that the pipe bombs found in the RV and “the suspect’s proximity to the Moss Landing Power Plant was determined to be coincidental and without correlation.”


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