Omaha New Year’s Eve Prison Noise Demo Reportback

by anonymous / anarchistnews dot org

006Throughout the day of New Years Eve three banners got dropped in Omaha, as well as, Lincoln, Nebraska. The Banner in Lincoln said “PRISONS = PLANTATIONS” with an image of some broken hand cuffs. The banners in Omaha said “SURVEILLANCE MAKES OUR WORLD A PRISON” and “AMERICA: MOST PEOPLE IN PRISON WORLDWIDE”. As the time to gather and march on the jail approached some of us hung out in the library to escape the cold bitter winds. When the time arrived it turned out that our time to leave was also the time for some idiot, who I think was the mayor, to make a half hearted speech that thoroughly carressed the buldging boners of their corporate firework sponsers. There was about a dozen of us and after a few words that no one cared about, except some chechire cat motherfucker with a slobbery cigar hanging out of his mouth, the fireworks began and we started blasting some dead prez and blowing whistles and walking.

As we went through the the old market (The part of downtown where mostly rich people from the suburbs have their dinner and cocktails) we walked in the street with a banner which said “PRISON MAKES WAR ON THE POOR” with an image of an oldschool canon ball bomb. As we walked we lit some fireworks and yelled and whistled. When we came to an intersection a couple blocks from the jail two cops directing traffic told us to get out of the street and we did.

As we walked along one side of the jail we started to get extra loud and we saw multiple guards talking into their radios. As we got around to the backside where the prisoners are, two cop cars showed up and sort of hung out behind us then told us to get out of the street. We ended up posting up across the street which was very narrow. For about 20 minutes we hooped and hollered and whistled and chanted. All the while prisoners were waving and bangin on their windows and the like. The neighborhood dogs assisted us with several vollies of howling. Afterward we dispersed and went on to enjoy our evenings. Unlike the prisoners who were trapped in cages all night by disgusting fucking pigs who pay their rents and mortgages at the expense of other peoples lives.

It was a rousing evening and we learned that you can cause a ruckus outside the jail in downtown omaha without a permit and not get beaten and arrested. So here’s to another year of fighting prisons and the world they [maintain]. Fuck the police. You’ll be seeing us again.