No Pipelines! Training Camp (Pacific NW), April 4-6

Banners at Unist’ot’en camp

Banners at Unist’ot’en camp

SAVE THE DATES: Location to be announced

from Root Force

Rising Tide is organizing a convergence weekend on April 4, 5 and 6th called: No Pipelines!: Action Training for Climate Justice. This weekend will be for mass movement trainings focused on building resistance across our different organizing spaces to fight extreme energy expansion and its numerous resulting oppressions across Turtle Island.

We would like to invite you/your collective/group/organization to this event so we can learn from one another and strengthen our resolve to stop the expansion of extreme energy, end the exploitation of human and natural resources and offer our support to communities on the front lines of the ecological crises.

This weekend is designed to share popular education on mass movement building and citizen action – to prepare hundreds of folks for civil disobedience and community organizing through skill shares and relationship building. We are looking to use these skills and new connections to plan public protests throughout 2014 against numerous mega projects proliferating the landscape – from oil and gas pipelines, to coal export terminals, from fracking and mining projects to incinerators. For the future of all our communities and children – we need to act now.

Dates for No Pipelines! Action Training for Climate Justice are April 4, 5 and 6th and these trainings will be held at various locations in Vancouver (including Russian Hall and The Dogwood Centre)

Highlights for the Weekend Training, include:

· Workshops on anti-oppression -Direct Action – Warrior Societies – Shaping conditions for grassroots revolt – Planning and preparation for action – Security culture & counter-surveillance – How to stop a goddamn pipeline – Fundraising for radicals – Legal rights – Indigenous solidarity- affinity group organizing – land defense (we are open to suggestions for other workshops)

· Presentations by key grassroots community leaders

· Build a coalition to stop resource extraction

· Planning collaborative mass direct actions and protests for 2014

If you or your group/collective has any ideas for workshops, suggestions, locations or other logistical issues to pass along please email:

PRESENTED BY @Rising Tide Vancouver Coast Salish Territories

Background: The Joint Review Panel has approved the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline from the tar sands to Kitimat. Approval is expected from the Harper government at any time. Meanwhile, reports say that construction is beginning on a lesser-known but equally destructive pipeline: Pacific Trail, from the fracking fields of Northern BC to Kitimat. Pacific Trail, which was appoved over a year ago, shares the western part of the route with Enbridge. Enbridge and Pacific Trail are only two of the many pipelines proposed for BC and across Canada.

Both projects are doomed, according to land defenders. Two years ago, members of the Unis’tot’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation set out to block the route for both pipelines. Indigenous leaders are occupying and patrolling the territory as they always have. They have turned away pipeline surveyors, a logging crew planning to clear the route, and RCMP officers.

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