Nine Arrests at Smash HLS Protest

Photo from a home demo earlier this year

Photo from a home demo earlier this year

Nine activists were arrested yesterday during an animal rights protest in a rural area outside of Miami. The protest occurred at a facility owned by Worldwide Primates, a company that profits from the sale and transport of animals for laboratory testing. Those in custody – among them activists with Smash HLS, Everglades Earth First! and an editor for the Earth First! Journal – are being held on preliminary charges ranging from misdemeanor disorderly conduct to felony criminal mischief. The protestors have been in custody since yesterday afternoon, but have yet to get in contact with support on the outside. Initial hearings and finalized bail amounts are expected this afternoon or early evening, but provisional bail amounts for the nine total over $31,000.

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Smash HLS has been utilizing a focused campaign of home demonstrations and protests to drive South Florida corporations and people who profit from animal suffering out of business. Earlier this year, Smash HLS enjoyed a victory when long-time target Primate Products, Inc closed its South Florida facilities after harrying by the group. Smash HLS has turned its focus on Worldwide Primates to bring attention to and stop their importing and sale of primates to universities, medical researchers and the US military.

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Bail and legal funds are being raised:

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