New Sabotage Follows 5-day Blockade Against Waste Site in Algeria


Protesters have pelted the commuter trains from the capital of Algieria

from Earth First! Newswire

Trains in the eastern suburbs of Algiers were stalled for more than a day, due to “malicious acts” committed on Wednesday night against catenary poles used to power electric trains.

The National League of Rail Transport ( SNTF ) explains that the disruption of rail traffic interruption of the railway between Réghaia and Corso “following a malicious act committed on railway premises.” SNTF ensured that work was underway for the “rapid restoration of the situation,” and that “necessary work is in progress.”

The sabotage caused more traffic disruptions in what has become an ongoing campaign of disruption between Algiers and Thénia, including a blockade of the train tracks by the inhabitants of the city of Hai El Kerrouche, who oppose the establishment of a central engineered landfill (CET) near their city.

Residents of Hai El Kerrouche have come out regularly since mid-February to occupy the railway. Some have thrown rocks at trains and acts of vandalism have been recorded.

Riot squad units are now assigned to monitor the passage of trains, and clashes are erupting sporadically between residents and riot police.

The CET is still planned, despite opposition from local residents who rallied last December by blocking the track for 5 days.

(Some information from this article came from Maghreb Mergent)

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