My – What BIG Teeth You Have !

7. März 2014
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

I’m just back after a trip down to our capital city in Scotland – Edinburgh, where I was speaking to a group at Edinburgh University about how media, such as video and photos can influence how we feel about issues with wildlife and the environment. I managed a trip into the Nation Museum of Scotland for a quick visit and amongst other great exhibits they have the skull and lower jaw of a Sperm whale that stranded in the Tay estuary a long time ago. Sperm whales are the largest living animals with teeth and as you can see in the photo below they are pretty impressive tools for grabbing the huge squid that these amazing whales normally feed on.

 photo NMSSpermWhale_zps0483337e.jpg

Dolphins are still a bit on the elusive side and the weather is a bit wild today but hopefully in the next week or so we might have some dolphin movement in the Inner Firth as some salmon start to make their way in from the open sea on their annual migration to spawn.

Best Wishes,