My…What Big Teeth You Have Rainbow !

26. Juli 2013
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

Here are three recently taken pictures of our lovely Rainbow hunting at Chanonry Point – in the first you can see Rainbows impressive set of teeth…

 photo RainbowsTeeth_zps62137f39.jpg
Photo © WDC/Charlie Phillips

Bottlenose dolphins have lots of teeth that are the same size and shape – just like sharp pegs and these are used to catch slippery prey like salmon…

 photo RainbowampSalmon_zpsfd81ee16.jpg
Photo © WDC/Charlie Phillips

Rainbow needs to catch (and is) lots of fish to keep up her own strength but also to make lots of milk to feed her baby who was born last summer…

 photo RainbowampBaby_zpsb45dbe93.jpg
Photo © WDC/Charlie Phillips

Best Wishes,