Mums & Toddlers…

19. Januar 2014
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

I had a bit of luck standing around in the freezing wind and grey light this morning at Chanonry Point. Not only did I see Kesslet and Charlie briefly, who were both looking great – I also had Zephyr and her baby plus Squat Fin (or „Bonnie“ as she is known to our corporate adopters) and her wee one going past Chanonry about 100 metres out. You can see them in the photo below but there were two other dolphins with them – a lovely female called Porridge and her two year old calf that are not in the picture, so them plus Kesslet and Charlie makes eight dolphins in total…not bad at all and I’m well happy.

 photo ZephyrampBonnieampBabies_zps957d89c5.jpg

No sign of Rainbow, Sundance or the others yet but don’t worry – I’ll keep you posted if I see any of our big stars.

Best Wishes,