More Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual Coverage as Hunts Continue

from Earth First! Newswire

Wolf_Hunt_Sab_ManualA recent radio segment on National Public Radio discusses the Earth First! Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual, which was released this August.  The piece covers the current state of wolf hunting in this country, and includes interview segments from Earth First! Journal editor Panagioti Tsolkas. You can listen to it here.

With wolves in this country still at risk of being completely wiped out, and more states opening wolf hunting and handing out more permits than there are wolves, the subject is getting a lot of attention. Here are a few recent pieces on the issue, and on the Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual and Earth First! tactics in general:

Montana Lowers Fees to Kill Wolves from Global Animal

Montana Relaxes Rules on Wolf Hunting from Live Bravely Outside

Wolf Hunt a New Chapter for Michigan from The Alpena News
You can read more about the manual, as well as rave “reviews” from wolf hunters, in our latest newsletter, available here.

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