Mexico: State Repression of Anarchists Increasing


from Earth First! News

Mexico’s anti-anarchist policy is ramping up. In late December, an anarchist comrade named Gustavo Rodriguez was kidnapped by authorities and deported to the US.

Anarchist Black Cross reports:

“A few hours ago, comrade Gustavo, missing since December 29th, communicated with his close ones. He briefly explained that he was detained by federal agents and submitted to harsh interrogations. Gustavo commented that he was beaten up, and after some hours he was deported to the United States, because they were unable to charge him with anything.

This deportation is part of the anti-anarchist policy that the Mexican government has been implementing for months; this is why we call everyone to be attentive to what may occur in the next few days.

We want to thank everyone who spread the communiqué about Gustavo’s disappearance, and ask you to diffuse this latest news, too.

Solidarity with Gustavo!
Freedom for all!

Anarchist Black Cross”

News of Rodriguez’s deportation comes at the same time as Mexico denied entry to Italian Anarchist, Alfredo Bonanno, who was invited to take part in a conference.

The website, actforfree.nostate explains:

“From South-American comrades we learn that A. M. Bonanno, who was due to take part in the Jornadas Informales Anárquicas, was denied entry also in Mexico as had happened in Chile.

It is clear that South American states are implementing repressive strategies especially in recent times: a comrade dead (Sebastian Oversluij), continuous arrests, collaboration with European states (for example the arrest of Francisco and Monica in Barcelona along with three other comrades who were released five days later), judicial frame-ups like in the ‘Bombas’ case, the arrest of Victor Montoya and much more.

The fact that Bonanno was denied entry in Chile and Mexico implies a new strategy aimed at destroying international relations between comrades. A further strengthening of the state borders, so as to turn nations into proper open prisons for their ‘residents’ only.”

Repressive measures against anarchists and ecological activists are increasing in South America where moderate leftist leaders are moving further towards the Right.

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