Megaload Transport Suspended until December


from Earth First! Newswire

The Omega Morgan megaload set to run through Eastern Oregon and Idaho on its way to the tar sands has been delayed a second night.

On their Facebook page, Wild Idaho Rising Tide states, “On Monday, November 25, for the second night in a row, the Omega Morgan-hauled tar sands megaload did not depart the Port of Umatilla. The Oregon Department of Transportation announced during the protest of over a dozen Umatilla tribal members and Oregon, Washington, and Idaho activists that the 901,000-pound, 380-foot-long behemoth will not be moving until December 1. During this season of thankfulness, industrial colonization has been delayed by another week, whether by industry’s failure or activists’ success. The Earth and all of its good life have been spared the ecocide and genocide of tar sands exploitation again!”

There is speculation that these delays could be a result of the unpopularity of the megaloads, as well as Omega Morgan’s failure to get permits for the trip in advance.

No thanks, no giving, Omega Morgan. The struggle continues!

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