Keep Fracking Out of Virginia; Bill to Ban in Eastern VA up for Vote Soon

by Mo Karnage / Earth First! Newswire

nofrackvirginiaCurrently, Virginia is one of the states to have avoided the fracking monster. Right now there is a bill on the matter, SB48, to be presented to the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday, January 8th. Fortunately for the earth around here, SB48, is a bill proposing a ban of fracking in the Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area or the waters of the Chesapeake Bay or any of its tributaries. The bill addresses concerns about pollution and the safety of groundwater. In light of the recent coal related chemical spills in West Virginia, these fears are even more grounded in a harsh reality of corporate profitteering above the public good and protection of our natural world.

The Committee meets on Thursday, January 30th, a half hour after adjournment in Senate Room B.

You can read the specifics of the bill and find out more background information here.

Folks who would like to show their support to the bill, in the hopes of keeping Virginia Frack Free, can use the information below to get in touch with committee members and urge them to support the bill.

Local activist Claire Tuite is asking for people to attend, call, and write to committee members. She provided the following script and information.

A sample message along with emails and phone numbers for committee members who will be hearing SB48 Thursday Jan 30.

“Please support SB48 which prohibits the drilling for oil and gas in the Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area. These practices are unsafe for our communities and destroys beautiful Virginia habitats. Please say NO to unnecessary drilling and support this bill. I consider this bill preemptive solution to a potential emergency for the State of Virginia. Thank you,”

Hangar- 804-698-7524, Black-804-698-7513, Ebbin-804-698-1049, Marsden- 804-698-1041, McEachin- 804-698-7509, Miller- (804) 698-1050, Obeshain- 804-698-7526, Plum-804-698-1036, Puckett- 804-698-7538, Stanley- 804-698-7520, Watkins- 804-698-7510

“Emmett Hanger” <>, “Dick Black” <>, “Adam Ebbin” <>, “Dave Marsden” <>, “Don McEachin” <>, “John Miller” <>, “Mark Obenshain” <>, “Ken Plum” <>, “Phil Puckett” <>, “Bill Stanley” <>”John Watkins”<>

More info here.

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