I’m Sure I Saw a Herring Down There…

26. November 2013
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

I’m still seeing Kesslet, Scoopy and Charlie in the Kessock Channel every so often. They were in hunting the other day and I remembered to switch my camera over to „video“ mode and get a little bit of footage of Scoopy and Charlie diving under then resurfacing in the current – they did this many times, looking for herring and sprats. It was very windy conditions so I have taken out the sound in the video because it was very whooshy and annoying. Kesslet isn’t in the video as she was chasing something away out of camera range.

I was looking out to sea with my binoculars and telescope a few days ago from Rosemarkie Caravan Site and saw five dolphins including big Mischief out near the Riff Bank navigation marker. They were having a bit of a splash about but too far away for photos I’m afraid. I’m technically on holiday (again!) for the next week but if I see anything exciting then I’ll let you know.

Best Wishes,