IFAW Canada: "Charlie" is Looking for That Porch and Ball to Call his Own.

15. September 2010
By | Source: IFAW's Animal Rescue Blog

The following report is coming from Jan Hannah, Project Manager of the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Northern Dogs Project, which centers its work on dogs living in remote communities of northern Canada.

Charlie-on-pick-up_webEven though the Canada dog rescue occurred in July, the work is just now coming to a close. Most importantly, there are still some dogs looking for their forever homes. I love to hear the happy endings and I especially love hearing about the adult dog happy endings – those who have spent time tied up or have experience living on the street. Imagine going through a harsh winter outside and then making a very scary drive to an unknown place only to find food and love and inside comforts at the end of your journey — that is the doggie jackpot! These are the dogs who touch me most. Even the shelter managers and care givers fall for the dogs… take Ebony for instance. This is what the kennel manager had to say about his potential adoption – “Hi Jan, I have wonderful news…a lady was in today and it was ‚love at first sight‘ when she met Ebony. She took the application home and will return tomorrow. He is still my favourite, and if I approve this adoption, I am going to miss him like crazy!” And then she passed on the following from his happy new owner… “The first night he was terrified of the TV and mirror [new things to Northern dogs!] – and barked at both! He tried to sleep in my bed but then he settled into the bed I bought for him! He likes to lie directly in front of my fan because it’s so hot. He is THE PERFECT dog for me and I’m so glad I found him!”

So now we need to find that perfect happy ending for Charlie. He is currently up for adoption through IFAW…

Charlie needs a new home...Can you help him?Charlie is the elder statesmen of the group who came south. His heritage is mixed so I have been calling him a lab/husky and he doesn’t seem to mind. Sixty pounds and perhaps 8 or 9 years old, Charlie is that loving dog who has experienced a harsh life and is now looking for that someone who will appreciate and care for him. Charlie loves to go for walks where he can find the perfect rock to carry around in his mouth. He has learned a wonderful heel so none of that pulling stuff. His three favourite things are attention, chasing a ball, and food — although I’m not sure of the order. Charlie would like nothing more than to find someone who appreciates the finer things an older fellow like him brings. And of course, he would appreciate someone who likes to throw a ball : ). Charlie is currently living with three home dogs and an ever changing number of visiting dogs (he is living at a home boarding situation) and he is fine with everyone as long as they understand that he deserves respect (as the most experienced dog in the group!) and they don’t intrude on his food or crate space.

Charlie has grabbed the hearts of many but has yet to be found by The One. If you have been looking for that settled someone who is finished with the puppy shenanigans and is comfortable in himself, contact me at info-ca@ifaw.org. Charlie is waiting.

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