Hunt Saboteurs NorthWest on Michigan Wolf Hunts and Rod Coronado Speaking Tour

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Document-1-page001(2)Today, Hunt Saboteurs NorthWest, Resistance Ecology and long time activist and former political prisoner Rod Coronado kick off their Northwest speaking tour to raise awareness about wolf hunts and hunt sabotage. The dates and locations are:

Thursday January 30th Denver Colorado at NOOCH 7pm
Friday January 31st Seattle WA at Black Coffee CoOp 7pm
Saturday Feb 1st Portland OR at PSU Student Union Room 238 7pm
Sunday Feb 2nd Eugene OR at UoO 7pm
Saturday March 1st Philly at Wooden Shoe Books and Records 7pm

Hunt Saboteurs NorthWest needs your support to help document and prevent North American wolf hunts. The following report is from a hunt sab team in the field in Michigan last November:

November 16th:

deadwolf1This is the photo of the first wolf killed in Unit C of the Wolf Management Area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A 100lb male that was brought into the DNR’s Newberry Check Station this morning. The hunt is continuing despite local protests from several tribes who hold the wolf as a sacred relation.

Much of the talk justifying the hunt has now legitimately been called into question. The only argument not yet discounted has been the impact of wolf predation on whitetail deer. Let’s be honest, wolves are not the greatest predator impacting deer, humans are, with not just recreational hunting but through auto collisions as well. Yet deer hunters in Unit C are showing high success rates with locals saying that more bucks have been killed on opening day than usual.

The wolf is not a recreational predator. But they are a predator that will indeed have an impact on their prey populations, only not to the degree that many people propose. We need to share not only the deer with their natural predators, but our wilderness home as well. The Upper Peninsula is a spectacular place and its natural beauty is its greatest asset in the changing economy of the Midwest. Wolves are an even greater asset to the environment as predators who survive on not only the deer they kill, but those wounded and abandoned by firearms hunters. We have the potential as Michiganders to create a healthy environment for both wolves and humans by living in harmony with wolves and respecting the religious beliefs of others who are so dis-respected with this hunt. Better that than continuing to live in the past and rejecting a willingness to share our home with others who have survived genocidal persecution, both animal and human. Without a foundation of reciprocity and respect, we threaten not only nature’s delicate balance but also our place and relations within it.

Support the Hunt Saboteurs and activists in the field. Donations are needed for food, hotel (when needed), petrol and basic supplies, you can make a PayPal donation using, purchase a hunt sab shirt or patch via Because We Must, or donate to Food Fight! Grocery (make sure you state the donation is for the Hunt Saboteurs) for dry food supplies.

Any support large or small is appreciated.

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