Helping the animals in Western Visayas as they struggle to survive.

26. November 2013
By | Source: WSPA - Animals in Disasters Blog

Our three-day rapid assessment of Western Visayas is now complete. We have been helping animals we’ve come across all through Antique, Kalibo and Roxas provinces. We’ve been providing vitamins, mineral supplement solutions to cows, chickens and dogs as well as anti-worm drugs so that these survivors do not now succumb to chronic malnutrition and parasites. WSPA’s Dr. Juan Carlos Murillo treats a three year old pregant cow that exhibit signs of respiratory distress as her owner Olivia steadies her. © WSPA/Troncophotovideo Conversations are underway with local veterinarian associations and faculties to train, equip and deploy them into the worst stricken…

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