Heads Up About FBI Activity Regarding Wolf Patrol

The Earth First! Journal has been notified that the FBI has recently been contacting someone who they associate with having worked with the group Wolf Patrol.

Even though we at the Earth First! Journal don’t support Wolf Patrol because of its founder’s unwillingness to be accountable to abusive behavior, we are adamantly opposed to the state and do not support the FBI in any of their attempts to contact, interrogate, or imprison anyone, so we are putting out this warning in hopes that folks will be prepared if they are contacted by the feds.

If you are contacted by the FBI—by phone, at your door, over email, or through any other means—do not talk to them. Any information you give them can be used against you, against communities, and against movements. Contact a lawyer, as the person who the FBI recently contacted did.

Look at these resources for more information on what to do if an agent contacts you or people you know:

If An Agent Knocks” booklet by the Center for Constitutional Rights

Know Your Rights for Activists” article and video by the Civil Liberties Defense Center

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