Five Lockdown to Orange Bus at Barton Moss



from Frack Off UK Facebook


Five Brave Barton Moss Protectors are locked to a big orange bus preventing access to IGas’ site.

* 1 locked to the steering wheel and accelerator

* 1 locked underneath

* 1 locked to the roof-skylight

* 1 locked to the back door by the neck

* 1 locked to front door by the leg

They look to be in it for the long haul. Come down and show your support! Every day IGas can’t operate is a massive victory. The government are rapidly selling of huge swathes of the UK, local authorities are being stripped of the power to say no to big infrastructure projects and the police are acting as private security for the fracking industry.

Today’s action comes after two days after 50 activists blocked access to Barton Moss with 1.5 ton wind turbine blade.

We as communities must protect ourselves by making every well cost as much as possible. Lets make this industry as toxic for investors and Local Authorities as it is to our health and environment.

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