First Nation’s Peoples Arrested At Remembrance Day In Canada

by Miguel Avila-Velarde / Popular Resistance

They were not protesting or being disruptive, merely carrying flags with First Nation’s symbols on them

They write on their You Tube posting: “INDIGNATION: We were not protesting. We came to show Solidarity with our Comrade Devyn. We thought that the religious and traditional flags are welcome but we found out the hard way, Indigenous People who have served their country are not welcome. Although the outcome was a peaceful one. We will have a word with the Chief Police in another event organize to engage the Native Communities living in Toronto.”

Devyn served the Canadian military for five years.  For seemingly no reason a police officer approached and told him to take down the flag with First Nation symbols on them.  No one in the crowd seemed concerned, but this officer was. Devyn protested, told the officer he had served the nation and there was nothing wrong with holding the flags.  The officer persisted and arrested three people from First Nations.