First Annual Earth First! Journal Art Auction Ends Friday

EF-J-Art-Auction-PosterSo far the 1st Annual Earth First! Journal Art Auction has been a great success! People from around the globe have logged in to buy and bid on artwork donated by activists and artists in support of the Earth First! Journal and environmental movement. Many of the pieces have already been bought outright—you can view the full gallery here to see what’s been sold and what’s still available. A few new pieces have been added in the last two weeks, so if you haven’t checked the auction site in a while, do it now! There are only three days left; the auction officially ends on December 13 at midnight.

The Official Earth First! Journal Art Auction posters are also for sale as part of the online auction. They are available at the “Buy Now” price of $10 for anyone to buy. Please buy the poster, rather than bid on it—we will print as many as needed. Thanks so much to Kat for creating such a great poster for our 1st Annual Art Auction!

We also have quite a few of Hartmut Kiewert’s “Evolution of Revolution” posters left to be bid on or bought now. Each poster is signed by Hartmut, a German artist focusing on issues of animal exploitation and liberation. If you aren’t familiar with his work, you can check out some of it here.

If you are having trouble registering or bidding, check our update on troubleshooting tips. We recently updated the registration process, so if you haven’t tried in a while give it another go!
Thanks again to all who have donated and supported the Journal in these last few months. Remember, only three days left in the auction, so get those bids in quick!

For the Wild,

– the Earth First! Journal Collective

"Evolution of Revolution" posters available now!

“Evolution of Revolution” posters available now!