FBI Steals Sensitive Legal Material from Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek’s Home

from Earth First! Newswire

This morning, August 11 2017, over 30 FBI agents raided the Berrigan House, home of Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek. The raid was related to an ongoing investigation into Ruby and Jessica’s peaceful actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline in January.

The FBI agents entered the house with their guns—pistols and assault rifles—drawn and immediately put Jessica in handcuffs. Even though the cuffs were removed after a short time, no one in the house was permitted to contact their attorneys; nor were they allowed to observe the agents ransacking their personal belongings. The agents claimed to have a warrant, but would not show it to anyone.

When the agents were done, ten of the agents carried boxes and sealed backs. They refused to allow any visual verification of what was stolen, yet had the audacity to ask the victims to sign an inventory. The agents were denied. Of the items missing is attorney-client privileged research. Illegally confiscating private information could seriously hamper Ruby and Jessica’s ability to defend themselves and to receive a fair trial. When residents of the house demanded that the intruders identify themselves, the agents refused.

Both of the couragous activists remain out of prison as of the writing of this article.

Ruby and Jessica held a press conference last month in which they read a prepared statement while standing in front of the Iowa Utility Board (IUB). In the statement, Ruby and Jessica confessed to arson and other acts of sabotage along the Dakota Access pipeline, describing what they did in detail and stating their reasons. They then took a crowbar and hammer and began pulling off the letters of the IUB sign before being arrested. They were released from jail the next day and charged with fourth degree criminal mischief.

For more information on how to support Ruby and Jessica, check out mississippistand.com

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