Environmentalists Cite Second Hunger Games Film As Inspiration For “Eco-Resistance”

The following text is from a press release of the Earth First! Media office, which provides correspondence to news outlets around the world.

"Every Revolution Begins With A Spark"

“Every Revolution Begins With A Spark”

Radical environmentalists of Earth First! say the story in Catching Fire, a movie hitting the Big Screen on Nov 22, is the sort of thing that could inspire a burst of energy into the ecological direct action movement, what they call the eco-resistance.

With that in mind, the Earth First Journal will be hosting an activist film festival, Nov 29 — Dec 1 in Lake Worth, Florida. They plan to promote their event at Catching Fire’s opening night in local theaters, and they are encouraging Earth First! activists around the country to also promote local protest campaigns against fracking, mining and tar sands pipelines to the movie’s audiences.

While the first Hunger Games film may have seemed like a run-of-the-mill young adult dystopia sci-fi, those who have read the trilogy of books on which the movie was based know there is more to it.

The Hunger Games trilogy’s storyline follows a near-future political landscape—one of resource colonies in a US geography re-shaped by sea level rise—on the verge of revolution. “The Capitol” is a symbol of upscale urban settings which depend on massively exploiting land and people in surrounding areas (or “Districts”).

EF film fest 2013 flyer FRONTA story from the Earth First! Newswire published earlier this year looked at the release of the trailer for Catching Fire in greater detail and also notes other recent examples of the eco-resistance permeating pop culture.

The EF! Film Fest is part of the Earth First! Journal’s Back to the Presses campaign aimed at revitalizing the role of media (in particular, print media) in the growing eco-resistance movement. Those who can’t attend the event can support Earth First! by donating here.



Earth First! is an international radical environmental movement which began in 1979. The movement also publishes a quarterly magazine and daily online news wire as a mouthpiece for ecological resistance efforts worldwide. Earth First! media is powered by donations from supporters of the ecological resistance movement.

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