ELN (National Liberation Army) Bomb Columbian Oil Infrastructure

by Taran Volckhausen / Columbia Reports

(Photo: La Voz del Cinaruco)

(Photo: La Voz del Cinaruco)

Colombia’s second largest rebel group the ELN detonated explosives Wednesday at four crude oil holding pools along the Caño Limon – Coveñas pipeline in the state of North Santander.

A large blaze caused by the attacks created panic in the local population, who were forced to flee their homes, according to local media reports.

Authorities were taking measures to prevent further environmental damage after the attacks as well as reconstruct the damaged holding pools.

The attack marks the first attack by the ELN in 2014, although the rebel group has been coordinating attacks on Colombia’s oil production infrastructure for the past few months, declaring war against multinational oil companies operating in the country in November.

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According to authorities, earlier in the week five of the rebels in the area were taken down during military operations.

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