Eight Anti-MTR Activists Remain in CT Jails

collage8from Hands off Appalachia

On Monday, November 25th, 14 people were arrested for variously disrupting the  corporate ecocidal machine in Stamford, Connecticut.  As of Tuesday evening, 8 are still in jail with a combined bail amount of $14,000. Their court date isn’t until January 8th.

Their legal fund is: http://bit.ly/Ltg4zF

The 8 folks still in jail are being transferred to new facilities this evening; we will provide addresses for sending them support mail when they are booked.


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The police report that “The first call came from luxury apartments being constructed at 66 Summer Street, with a number of people climbing the 220 feet to the arm of the crane to hang a banner from it while an additional party was strapped to the trapdoor of the crane cabin in a manner that would cause the party harm if the door was opened.”

Video below:








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