Earth First! Journal Call for Submissions for First Printed Issue of 2014

anythingispossibleThe Earth First! Journal is in the midst of our Back to the Presses! fundraiser, with hopes of raising enough to print at least four issues of our magazine in 2014. Each issue of the Journal takes between $6,000 and $8,000 to print, transport, and distribute. As you may know, we were only able to print one issue of the Journal this year, Brigid 2013, and have created another issue which we posted free online. Although we love releasing radical environmental news and analysis for free (and do so through the Earth First! Newswire daily), it pains our hearts to bow down and submit before the behemoth of industrial technology and internet surf-dom, especially knowing that folks who are righteously unplugged will be unable to view online-only issues.

But you can help! You can donate to our printing costs, subscribe to the Journal, and submit content for our next issue, Brigid 2014. Most of the content in each issue comes from people like you, so let us know what you got!

As always, we’re looking for:

– (Non-Incriminating) Action Stories!

– How-to Guides to Destroying the State!

– Environmental Activism Success Stories!

– Deep Ecological Analysis!

– Dear Ned Ludd Requests!

– Action Camp Reportbacks!

– Drawings of and/or by Animals!

– Things We’ve Never Even Thought Of!

Email submissions to: or mail them to:

Earth First! Journal

PO Box 964

Lake Worth, FL 33460


Try to keep articles between 700-1200 words, if you can. Thanks!


For the Wild,

The Earth First! Journal Collective