Earth First! Film Fests Screening Amy Miller Documentary: The Carbon Rush

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Screen shot from The Carbon Rush.

Screen shot from The Carbon Rush.

The Earth First! Journal is encouraging Earth First! groups and other activist communities to host film fests or film nights in their areas as part of our Back to the Presses! fundraiser. We’ll be hosting our own EF! Film Fest between November 29 — December 1; three nights of documentaries, action shorts, and feature films about the environment and radical resistance. Find out more about our local film fest here.

Now we are excited to reveal that we’ll be screening The Carbon Rush at our EF! Film Fest in Florida, as will Croatan Earth First! at their EF! film night in North Carolina.

The Carbon Rush documents communities exploited by carbon offsetting—an especially nasty symptom of the greenwashing epidemic. Hydroelectric dams in Panama, incinerators burning garbage in India, biogas extraction in Honduras, eucalyptus forests harvested for charcoal in Brazil—in each instance big corporations are getting “green points” for creating “carbon offsets,” while local communities are left to bear the burden of devastating pollution and the destruction of their homes and natural ecosystems.

Limited access to this film is available to groups planning to host an Earth First! Film Fest of their own. It’s a great way to fund raise for the EF! Journal and your own activist projects. We can help hook you up with merch, newsletters, Earth First! Journals and other goodies to sell and distribute. To contact us about hosting your own EF! Film Fest, or other fund raisers, email: collective[at]earthfirstjournal[dot]org

The Carbon Rush recently launched a partnership with Gathr Films. Gathr Films is a service that provides theater on demand by crowd sourcing theatrical screenings for independent, political documentaries. This means that edgier, independent and more radical films will have a higher chance of being screened in theaters where people want them to be shown.

If someone wants a screening of a particular documentary in their area, they can take on the role of ‘Captain’ for the film. When enough people reserve tickets to a screening, the screening takes place, and if the minimum number of reservations is not met, the screening doesn’t happen and nobody is charged.

We encourage you to take a look at The Carbon Rush page on the Gathr Films site, and use the service to get radical new indie docs like The Carbon Rush screened in your area even after the film fests are finished.

Stay tuned for more film announcements in the coming weeks. Hope to see you at a film fest, or hear about your own screenings!

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