Directions, Rideshare and Schedule Posted for the Earth First! Organizer’s Conference

from Everglades Earth First!

ocfliernotskinnyEverglades Earth First! is excited to be hosting the Earth First! Organizers’ Conference and Winter Rendezvous, February 19 – 24!  For those of you who attended the last OC, remember how cold southern Ohio was?  Well don’t fret, the 2014 OC will be held in the sunny subtropics, in the swamps, the land of the alligator and the gar, the cypress, the slash pines—the area known by its colonizers as Florida.  Panthers, hand sized spiders, bird sized mosquitoes, saw grass, palmettos, pythons—it’s the one and only Everglades!

The scouts have chosen a location East of Lake Okeechobee; directions can be found here. If you have a vehicle or need a ride, please visit the ride share board here. Whether traveling by car, bus, rail, airplane, foot, bicycle, canoe, sailboat, or hot air balloon, it may be helpful to travel through Lake Worth, home of Everglades EF! and the EF! Journal, as many people will be carpooling from there. Airports in West Palm and Ft. Lauderdale connect to Lake Worth by public transportation.

The schedule is posted. Look forward to a wide variety of workshops and discussions, including (but not at all limited to) deep ecology, collective liberation, direct action, tree climbing, trans and/or women’s self defense, fire starting, and digital security. This year we welcome children with a variety of workshops for kids, including plant id and survival skills.

We also have a packing list, which includes a “what not to bring” section. Please do not bring your dog, especially not your aggressive, unleashed, or unvaccinated dog. Organizers of the conference are not responsible for protecting your dog from the local gator population. Service animals are an obvious exception to the dog policy, though you may want to contact us ahead of time so we can let you know about the other critters that will be at the OC with us!

Reach us at with your questions, love poems, and complaints.

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