Day 8 Dispatch From the Tree


By Hellbender / Marcellus Earth First!

In my year with Earth First! I have learned so much. I have found internal strength build by friendships and community bonds. It has helped shape me into who I am today. I could not express in words how grateful I am to be involved in this fight. Ever since I came here, this forest stole my heart.

It is one of those magical places that impacts anyone who frequents it with calm and majestic sights. This place instills an awe deeper than any postcard, beauty is an abundance of life. In the skies, in the undergrowth, in the water and under the soil this place is home. Its cherry, oak, maple, beech, birch, pine, and ash filled dense ecosystem is truly something that stirs the soul.

One stand will be young 5-15 years old, then you turn a bend in a trail and look, mouth agape at 80 foot mammoths older than conquest. This place holds high elevation wetlands filled with pitcher plants, something I have never experienced or heard of before.

Endless vistas make you quickly understand why this area is called the endless mountains region. I will be damned if someone like Anadarko gets to ruin this sacred place. It is one of the last wild places around and if we loose it it can never be replaced.

Critics will surely say that myself and others are putting nature over human interest and profit. They are right and I am unapologetic. You can fool some with that cliche written garbage, but only the likes of “friends of natural gas” could believe it. Energy In-depth this is your final exam.

How will you spin this? How will you use your textbook lies and slander to propagate corporate gains? Not this time.

Our spirit cannot be broken, we must fan the flames of fire of endless summer and remind hose in power that our resistance is unstoppable. This is why all the closed door meetings, the back room deals and the lack of public hearings. This is why permits to frack state land are always granted last minute.

They fear our numbers and they know that their empty words cannot quell our anger. We will not be pacified by corporate pr firm “fact sheets” and power points. The line in the sand was drawn. Where will you be when the Anadarko trucks roll in? I hope to see you at the barricades and in the trees.

Love and Rage,

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