China: Thousands Protest To Stop the Construction of Blue Ocean Chemical Plant


from Revolution News

Thousands in Fujan province China furiously protested to stop the construction of the Blue Ocean Chemical Plant. Paracycline or PX plants have been a continued point of contention in China in recent years. Brief exposure to PX causes irritation in the eyes and throat while direct exposure is fatal.

The same Blue Ocean Chemical plant in Fujan that people protested this week exploded in June 2013. Villagers say the local government has not adequately demonstrated safety measures to solicit the views of villagers before the introduction of the project and forcibly started construction, causing the surrounding residents extreme dissatisfaction. Report of Nov 2013 protest.

Thousands of villagers besieged Cang River border police station, throwing bricks and confronting hundreds of riot and armed police. The police station door was knocked down and many vehicles were damaged. Incident caused wounded people on both sides and a number of villagers were arrested.

Here are some photos:



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