13. April 2015

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: 5-Year Aftermath

April 14, 2015 There is an image that haunts me. Fives years ago, on April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil platform, 42 miles southeast of the Mississippi Delta in the heart of more »

13. April 2015

Is Antarctic Whaling Over?

Is Antarctic Whaling Over? Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson File Photo: The Nisshin Maru, the factory vessel of the Japanese whaling fleet Photo: Sea Shepherd / Simon AgerWhen last we more »

13. April 2015
Source: Blog

ICAM dog population conference highlights novel, wide-ranging solutions.

Kate Nattrass Atema Tue, 04/14/2015 “Dogs are essentially an extension of human environmental impacts.” read moreread more »

13. April 2015

Namibia: Etosha Rhino Losses Rise to 11

NAMIBIA continues losing rhinoceroses and elephants to the greed of poachers, with seven carcasses of poached rhinos having been discovered in the Etosha National Park so far this more »

13. April 2015

South Africa: Trading Blows Over Trading Rhino Horn

In the relatively polarised debate on whether a legalised trade in rhino horn can save the species from extinction, it seems that both sides are guilty of cherry picking to one degree or more »

13. April 2015

Hollywood star Maggie Q speaks out against rhino horn trade in Vietnam

American actress and wildlife activist Maggie Q attended a conference in Hanoi Friday to support a campaign against the use of rhino horn in Vietnam. “It saddens me to see the news of more »

13. April 2015

Hundreds of Anti-Trident Protesters Descend on Faslane for Blockade

from Earth First! UK The Bairns Not Bombs demonstration from Scrap Trident Coalition aims to see the closure of the base, home to the UK’s nuclear weapons system. Protesters began gathering outside gates more »

13. April 2015
Source: Robin Wood

Tempo 30 in der Stadt: Die Rennschnecke wird salonfähig

Am Donnerstag und Freitag werden die Verkehrsminister der Länder bei ihrer Konferenz in Rostock über eine generelle Tempo-30-Vorschrift vor Schulen, Kindertagesstätten und Krankenhäusern diskutieren. Außerdem steht Lärmreduktion durch Tempo 30 auf der Tagesordnung more »

13. April 2015

Osterfeuer: Kaninchen bei lebendigem Leib verbrannt

Bei einem Osterfeuer in Dortmund sind am Karsamstag zwei Kaninchen bei lebendigem Leib verbrannt. „Zwei brennende und vor Schmerzen schreiende Kaninchen krochen zum elenden Krepieren aus dem Feuer zwischen die Zuschauer“, so schildert more »

12. April 2015

Kanaka Monitor Mauna Kea During Temporary Halt of Construction

from Censored News Kanaka protectors and supporters continue to maintain their vigil at 9,000 feet above sea level to protect Mauna Kea, also known as Mauna a Wakea, on Hawaii Island amidst growing more »

12. April 2015

Act on Climate March Draws 25,000 to Quebec Streets

Ghislain Picard (far left), Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations for Quebec and Labrador marches at the front lines of the protest. Photo by Krystle Alarcon by  Krystle Alarcon  / Vancouver more »

12. April 2015

‘Civil war’ Brewing Over Disputed Greek Goldmine

by Vassilis Kyriakoulis / AFP A police bus blocks a road as gold mine workers protest against the government’s plan to scrap a gold mine project in the Halkidiki peninsula, northern Greece, in more »