13. Juli 2013

Ojibwe Chief Calls for Non-Violence

Cross Posted from In case you the sight of those paramilitary mercinaries lurking around the woods of Wisconsin boiled your blood enough to contemplate “upping the ante,” consider these words from the more »

13. Juli 2013

Protest in China Against Uranium Plant Draws Hundreds

By Andrew Jacobs / New York Times Hundreds of people took to the streets of a city in China’s southern Guangdong Province on Friday to protest a proposed uranium processing plant that would more »

13. Juli 2013

Tasmanian Lockdown Halts Work at Mill

By Rosemary Bulger / The Examiner Activists have vowed to continue to target timber processor Ta Ann Tasmania, after two people were arrested for chaining themselves to equipment at its Smithton mill yesterday. more »

13. Juli 2013

Dane Is Out of Prison!

Cross Posted from Support Dane Rossman Dear friends, Dane is out of prison and back in the US! He took a non-cooperating plea, was sentenced to one day and about $1,500 in restitution. more »

12. Juli 2013

More About Scientific Whaling…

More About Scientific Whaling... Commentary by Sea Shepherd Advisory Board Member, Dr. Sidney Holt Dr. Sidney HoltPhoto: Tim HoltThe hearings from today, July 10, 2013, at The Hague International Court of Justice, in the ( more »

12. Juli 2013

Support the Canyon Country Action Camp!

Cross Posted from Canyon Country Action Camp We are building a grassroots movement to confront extreme energy development (such as tar sands and oil shale) on the Colorado Plateau and to foster community more »

12. Juli 2013

Belgien verbannt Wildtiere aus dem Zirkus

Großartig: Wieder verbietet ein europäisches Land Wildtiere im Zirkus. Die belgische Regierung hat heute eine entsprechende Gesetzesvorlage beschlossen, die demnächst mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit im Parlament verabschiedet wird. Belgien wird damit das 16. europäische more »

12. Juli 2013

FBI Calls Destruction of GMO Sugar Beets in Oregon ‘Economic Sabotage’

By Sayer Ji / Green Med Info In a breaking development, the FBI confirms that 1,500 GM Sugar Beet plants were destroyed this month in Oregon, in what they are calling an act of “Economic Sabotage.” more »

12. Juli 2013

#Walfleisch: Bürger schreiben @peteraltmaier

184 bedrohte Finnwale stehen in dieser Saison auf der Abschussliste der isländischen Waljäger. Island muss den Artenschutz achten. Das fordert Greenpeace, das fordern viele Menschen – und diese Forderung dürfte auch im Sinne more »

A More Acidic Ocean May Wipe Out Antarctic Krill

Krill: A tiny creature with a giant impact on our oceans' ecosystems. Photo: Uwe Kils A new study published Sunday in Nature Climate Change finds that ocean acidification could cause the Southern Ocean Antarctic more »

Natural Gas Leaks from Gas Well in Gulf of Mexico

A fly-over photo attempts to capture the insidious "rainbow sheen" of natural gas blanketing wide swaths of the Gulf of Mexico after the gas leak began on Monday. Photo: Bill Dugger l On more »

12. Juli 2013

Nicki Minaj: Sagt nein zu Pelz beim Shooting

Die US-Rapperin ist bekannt für ihr flinkes Mundwerk und schrillen Outfits. Im Gegensatz zu ihren Kolleginnen Lady Gaga oder Rhianna scheint Nicki Minaj jedoch ein wenig Mitgefühl für die Tiere übrig zu more »