BREAKING: Bill McKibben Locked Down at Keystone XL Southern Leg Construction Site

from Earth First! Newswire

bill-mickibben-kxl-lockdown-4-1-14NACOGDOCHES—Early this morning, the world renowned environmentalist, “terrorist sympathizer” and founder of locked himself to a bulldozer in Eastern Texas in a last-ditch effort to stop construction of the Southern Leg of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. Contractors have not been on site since January, when crude oil began flowing through the Southern segment of the KXL pipeline. However, McKibben was discovered by local police around 10 AM, after being notified of two tweets he sent out to his 117,000+ followers: “The time for symbolic civil disobedience is passed. If we don’t stop this pipeline now, it’s game over for the environment. #FearlessSummer”; and, minutes later: “Oh btw I’m locked down to a bulldozer in Nacogdoches. #Winning.” When local media arrived and asked why he’d chosen to take action today, he said he was very, very tired. “Last month, three hundred and fifty activists locked down to the White House fence to protest this pipeline. Three fifty. That’s the name of my website.”

When extraction teams arrived on site, one reporter asked if he was worried about pain compliance. “I’m worried about corporate compliance,” McKibben smirked, before taking the pepper spray like a champ.