Back to Work…

10. Januar 2014
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

I hope that we are all well and happy as we venture into 2014. Susan and I are back from our west coast holidays and I have managed to get a glimpse of dolphins already – but at a distance. My pal Alan had a good encounter with nine or ten dolphins just off Chanonry Point last week, he spotted Kesslet and Scoopy in amongst them but so far I have only managed to see Bonnie and her little one through my telescope going past the Craig Mee red navigation marker – too far for photos like the one below from last summer.

 photo BonnieampBabysmall_zps1e42da56.jpg

Nothing much doing at North Kessock – I suspect that it will be a while before I see much dolphin movement in the Kessock Channel – although there are some nice wintering ducks here just now…all going quackers !

Best Wishes,