Baby, Baby…

22. August 2013
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

No, I’m not singing one of Justin Beiber’s hits – I just thought that you would like to see some of our latest dolphin babies up here in the Moray Firth…

 photo _1DX7055_zps96d34ecd.jpg

The photo above shows Zephyr and Squat Fin with their respective toddlers, only three weeks old and the little ones are already in the rough tidal current right beside Mum.

This photo shows Squat Fin and her new baby…

 photo _1DX7021_zpsa75f4a53.jpg

And here is a new wee brother or sister for Zephyr’s four year old son Breeze…

 photo _1DX6984_zps26883d13.jpg

So cute eh?

Best Wishes,