Announcing the 1st Annual Earth First! Journal Art Auction

by Earth First! News

EF! J Art Auction poster, created by Inkat

EF! J Art Auction poster, created by Inkat

Greetings to all our supporters, hopefully you’ve heard the news: the Earth First! Journal Collective has embarked on a $30,000 fundraising goal to help secure the overhead needed to print and mail the 2014 Earth First! Journal quarterly magazine. In conjunction with this massive fundraising goal we are hosting an online art auction!

The 1st Annual Earth First! Journal Art Auction will be online at:, launching November 18th. The art auction will host national and international artists and will guarantee great exposure for everyone donating their work. The Earth First! Journal Collective is looking for art that: highlights ecological resistance, celebrates the earth, art made from natural materials as well as art that demonstrates environmental destruction. However, art outside of these focuses are also appreciated and will be included.

Art that includes Earth First! icons and wording will be considered for a 2014 calendar.

Art, crafts, books and other goods can all be submitted, contact us at: for more information and to receive our registration form.

You can also view the facebook page for the event here.

We greatly appreciate the support from the worldwide artist community to help us present an exciting and diverse art auction! Submission deadline is November 15th. We have already received an awesome response from the outreach we have done and look forward to more and more artists getting involved over the coming month. Thanks to all for your support!

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