An M & M sort of Day…

22. Januar 2014
By | Source: WDC - Adopt a Dolphin Blog

Hi Everyone,

No, I don’t mean the M & M sweeties (although I do like them very much!) I am referring to Moonlight and Mischief who both came trundling past me today at Chanonry Point. The light for a minute or two wasn’t very good as I was trying to get their fin photos but they turned out okay…

 photo Moonlightsmall_zps881163a2.jpg
Moonlight near Chanonry Point today.

 photo Mischiefsmall_zpsb94bd2b2.jpg
Mischief near Chanonry Point today.

It was great to see them after seeing Kesslet the other day – plus a total of 13 dolphins today I think gives me the right to nip in for some sweeties…

Best Wishes,