ALF Free Mink and Destroy Breeding Cards at Pennsylvania Fur Farm

received anonymously / Bite Back

Juvenile American mink [photo: Terry McCormick/Flickr]

Juvenile American mink [photo: Terry McCormick/Flickr]

“Last night, the Animal Liberation Front opened hundreds of cages at the Rykola mink farm located at 557 Colver Road in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. We lost count of the number of wild animals freed into their natural environment, due to the animals being housed in atrocious conditions, four to tiny cob-webbed cages. Words can not describe the filth and blinding stench of this farm.

As expected, the animals wasted no time escaping from their barren prisons into the natural world.

In addition to opening cages, we destroyed hundreds of breeding cards, many with notations of price, which ran from $1,000 up to $10,000 per animal.

We want to reiterate, as several recent ALF communiques have, the ease of animal liberation. We possess no specialized skill set or expensive tools. A sense of determination and a desire for justice go a long way.

Pelting season is just weeks away. Look up The Final Nail and find a farm near you. Let the final stage of Operation Bite Back commence. We can destroy this industry that has destroyed so many.”

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