When we first started NatureNews Network (3N) as a news aggregator, we just had a SEO boost in mind:
We wanted to improve search engine rankings for the listed conservation blogs and websites, and that worked out pretty well.

After a while we realized that 3N has a lot of „human“ visitors, using the site as a conservation news hub.
So we revamped the design and started to add more custom content.

Today we support over 20 conservation NGOs, spreading their news & stories via this site & Twitter.

Join the network.

No matter if you’re a full time conservationist, a dedicated blogger or „just“ a concerned earthling:
If you have a story to be told, just drop us a note (veith AT nature-news-network DOT org or a Twitter DM @NatureNewsNet).

You can stay up to date on Twitter > http://twitter.com/NatureNewsNet

NatureNews Network is non profit and free of charge.

Who is behind this project?

Christian Rueggeberg (technical stuff), coder & designer @ www.sinus-medien.de

Veith „Ceb“ Schoergenhummer (content), online marketing consultant @ www.k60.com

Why is english & german content mixed up?

Most of the content comes from external RSS feeds, provided by conservation orgs all over the world.
Since we both live in Germany, we also have some german sources. Dont mind if you dont speak german – just enjoy the english content. =)